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The mysterious and enigmatic island, inviting its legends. How many names given to Sakhalin: Second Sochi, Venice, and an island of attraction. Many people come here to be sure that it is a small Switzerland. But Sakhalin does not need any foreign comparisons!


    You should come here; to know for sure that dreams come true. Undoubtedly, the most attractive to tourists are the fantastic beauty of the island at any time of year and the most pure, clear sea, keeping the secret and untold treasures. You will fall in love with Sakhalin at first sight!


Do you think that Sakhalin is located so far to the edge of the earth?


If you think so, then you are right only half. Sakhalin Island is truly at the eastern edge of Eurasia, but it is close! It is not far from Moscow than the Red Sea! Don’t you  believe me? Now I'll show you. So if you go on a safari in South Red Sea, it will take by plane 4h. 25 min., then by bus about 4 hours. Total 8 hours 25 minutes. When you go to Sakhalin, then you are traveling by plane 8 hours 30 minutes, another 40 minutes you are going to the Dive Center Total 9h.10 minutes in the way. That is longer only for  45 minutes then Hurghada!



Of course, I did not counted time to get to the airport and time to get your luggage. It is going to take nearly the same time, wherever  you are flying - Hurghada, Murmansk or Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

If you are traveling on the Barents and White Sea, a flight to Murmansk takes 2 hours and 15 minutes, plus 6 hours by bus to Diving center in Nilma-guba sea or bay until the landing on a ship in the Far Zelentsov, the same 8 hours 15 minutes.


Well, flights to Southeast Asia I will not even compare, they are much longer.


And how much its cost? - You ask. A ticket to Hurghada is from 400 to 600 dollars or 10 000 - 15 000 rubles depending on the season. Tickets to Murmansk is about 10,000 rubles and an additional transfer costs 4000 rubles, so amount will be 14000 rubles. And tickets to Sakhalin Island for July-August can be bought for 12000-13000 rubles if you do so in February!




The underwater fauna and flora of Sakhalin is very diverse and saturated. Here you can see many different kinds of fish: perch, greenling, gobies, ruffs, dogs, flounder, catfish, salmon, lots of other small fish whose name you can figure out a long time flipping through manuals. And all of this is found in boolshom number. If you're lucky, you can uvide sharks, with a sufficiently large 4 meters in length, in July 2007, fishermen caught off the coast, even the great white shark length of 6 meters. There are dolphins and killer whales.


On Sakhalin, a seal, seals and sea lions. Diving with these animals is possible, although the sites are removed from the dive center and diving with sea lions, are not as safe as it might seem at first glance.


Stars, sea anemones, ascidians, soft corals, sponges. In some places the whole livestock covers the bottom, consisting of stone ridges continuous carpet. If you take with a good flashlight, you'll be just amazed at the rich color depth of 20 meters or more.


Well, if you begin to list everything that could catch and eat, fingers are not enough! This crabs - Kamchatka, royal and hair-worm, the two scallop species, spizula Sakhalin, sertsevidka, trumpeter, cucumbers, C. japonica, lots of flounder, which is also easy to get to dinner. Chilim (shrimp), which can be equality at low tide, and a wonderful salad of sea kale can cook Olga! But the excellent fresh sea kale sea throws waves directly on the beach and you can just pick up 2-3 leaflets while jogging on the beach - this is enough for everyone!